Battle of Rhûn
Battle of Rhûn
Conflict: War of the Ring
Date: March 15-20 TA 3003
Place: Rhûn
Outcome: Easterling Freerider Victory
Easterling Freeriders Easterling Wainriders
Various Easterling Freerider Captains Various Easterling Wainrider Captains
230,000 Easterling Freeriders 300,000 Easterling Wainriders
130,000 Easterling Freeriders 150,000 Easterling Wainriders

The Battle of Rhûn was a five-day conflict which took place in Rhûn during the War of the Ring. After the Battle of Gondor, a vast legion of Easterling Freeriders rebelled against Sauron and fought against the Wainriders.

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