Battle of Mirkwood
Battle of Mirkwood1
Tauriel defending Mirkwood from Gundabad orcs
Conflict: Dark Wars
Date: 2905 3A
Place: Mirkwood
Outcome: Wood elven victory
Mirkwood Mount Gundabad
15,000 Wood elves 10,000 Gundabad orcs
2000 Wood elves 8000 Gundabad orcs

The Battle of Mirkwood, more commonly known as Battle under the trees, was a battle which takes place during the Dark Wars. It is a battle between the forces of Mirkwood, under the command of its Elvenking Thranduil, and the forces of Azog and Sauron from Dol-Guldur.


In the year 2905 3A, Sauron, disguised in the Necromancer in Dol Guldur, sent Azog to lead a legion of 10,000 Gundabad orcs to invade Mirkwood. Thranduil himself repels the enemy, and there is a long battle under the trees. Thara, wh owas Thranduil's wife, was slain during the battle. The woods are set alight, thus there is a "great ruin of fire". In the end of the battle, King Thranduil and his people emerge as victors, announcing a New Year of the Elves.

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