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Battle of Gondor

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Battle of Gondor

Conflict: War of the Ring
Date: TA 3003
Place: Minas Tirith
  • 25,000 Silvan Elves of Edhellond, 20,000 Dwarves of the White Mountains, 18,500 Gondorian soldiers of Minas Tirith, 18,000 Gondorian soldiers of Lossarnach, 15,000 Gondorian Farmers, Hunters, and Herdsmen of Anfalas, 13,000 Knights of Dol Amroth, 12,000 Ithilien Rangers of Pinnath Gelin, 11,250 Gondorian Fishermen of Ethir Anduin, 10,000 Gondorian soldiers of Ringló Vale, 9000 Ithilien Rangers of Blackroot Vale, 8000 Gondorian soldiers of Osgiliath, and 7000 Gondorian soldiers of the Causeway Forts
  • At dawn, 80,000 Drúedain Warriors, 75,000 Elves of Rivendell, 60,000 Rohirrim Soldiers+45,000 Rohirrim Shieldmaidens, 50,000 Dwarves of the Ered Luin, and 30,000 Hobbits of the Shire arrive
  • Later reinforced by 100,000 Oathbreakers, 3500 Beornings, 3000 Badger-Folk, 2800 Giants, 2700 Great Eagles, 2500 Dryads, 2400 Ents, 2300 Entwives, 2200 Huorns, 2000 Northern Rangers, 1900 Bree-Folk, and 1200 Gondorian soldiers of Lamedon.
  • 500,000 Mordor Orcs, 320,000 Mordor Uruks, 300,000 Easterlings, 280,000 Variags, 250,000 Half-trolls of Far Harad, 6000 Ogres, 5000 Wargs, 4000 Bats, 1600 Olog-hai, 1500 Mountain Trolls, 800 Great Beasts, 100 Amputated Trolls, and 30 Fell Beast Riders.
  • In the morning, more than 120,000 Haradrim+50 Oliphaunts arrive.
  • 200,000 Umbareans onboard 1000 Umbarean Ships were scheduled to arrive.
  • Casualties
    Heavy Very Heavy

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