Battle of Bywater
Hobbits ambushing a pair of Ruffians during the Battle of Bywater.
Date: October 5, 2990
Place: Bywater, Shire
Outcome: Hobbit and Ranger victory
Hobbits of the Shire
Rangers of the North
Hill trolls
Bilbo Baggins
Will Whitfoot
Paladin Took II
Ponto Baggins II
Drogo Baggins
Primula Baggins
700 local Hobbits
300 Rangers of the North
500 Ruffians
10 Hill trolls
110 Hobbits of the Shire
50 Rangers of the North
350 Ruffians
7 Hill trolls

The Battle of Bywater was a battle that took place eleven years before the War of the Ring.


On September 5, 2990, Bywater was invaded by a band of 500 Ruffians and 10 Hill trolls led by Sharkey and Maxwell the Hill troll, who planned on taking power and wealth over the land. Frodo Baggins, who was 10 years old, was the first to witness the invasion, but was captured along with many Hobbits of Shire and were scheduled to be enslaved.

When Gandalf arrived on 5th day of October, Sharkey forced the wizard to surrender. Gandalf refused and drew his blade in front of the leader. Several hobbits, including Bilbo Baggins, witnessed Gandalf's arrival and chose to aid their wizard friend. In doing so, they were able to steal several weapons and rebel against the Ruffians. This led to the start of the battle.

As the battle begun, Gandalf slew an entire group of Ruffians, including two Hill trolls. In the battle, more than 700 local Hobbits from several sections in the Shire, revolted against the invaders. Frodo Baggins, along with several Hobbit children, were placed inside cages until Drogo and Primula Baggins led a group of hobbits in freeing them. When Frodo and the children were able to seek shelter with Bilbo, Drogo and Primula were slain in the battle.

Maxwell and the rest of the Hill trolls began to overwhelm the rebels until Aragorn and a group of 300 Rangers of the North arrived in time. Sharkey was enraged and killed several rangers until he faced against Aragorn. Aragorn bested him and stabbed him through the chest. The battle ended when 350 Ruffians and seven Hill trolls were killed while the rest scattered. However, 110 Hobbits and 50 Rangers were slaughtered in the battle.

A few days after the battle, the Hobbits made a funeral to the victims that have fought valiantly in defending their land from the forces of evil. Frodo would be raised by Bilbo.