Carn dum

Carn Dum, the place of battle.

“For Middle-earth, and for the Free Peoples of this land: let us be rid of shadow forever!”

- Mageth to the group before they set off for the ancient fortress.

The Battle of Carn Dum, also known as the Duel of the North or the Confrontation of Maiar was one of two pentultimate battles of the War of the Gem, the other being the Battle of the North Downs

Sides: The Alliance Kashaka
Strength: The Blue Wizards, Radagast the Brown, Olórin, Mallien and Ilmare, Mageth, Giniriel and Cendrolom. Thorondor and three other Eagles Kashaka, over fifty Orcs of Angband, a rabid cave troll
Outcome: Queen Arwen is discovered and healed, Kashaka is routed from Angmar. Kashaka's Wall collapses. The last Orcs of Angband are killed. Cendrolom is killed.


Olórin (the true Maiar form of Gandalf), Mallien and Ilmare were sent by the Valar to Middle-earth, to help defeat Kashaka. After Mallien, the father of Mageth Vorncollo and Giniriel, discovered that the Silmaril the Alliance owned wasn't actually a Silmaril, nor could Kashaka use it, it was decided that the Maiar, joined by Mallien's children and the Noldorin Ranger Cendrolom, would use their magic to bring down the wall Kashaka had raised to fortify Angmar, before they would fight Kashaka, and hopefully defeat her.

The BattleEdit

Meeting at Weathertop, the group then journeyed towards the Wall, the Eagles of Thorondor escorting them on the route. Using their own magic and harnessing it through the gem, they brought down the dark wall, opening the way for the Elves of Thranduil and the Dwarves of Erebor to attack the Ettenmoors from the High Pass. While they distracted Kashaka's remaining forces who were not fighting the Alliance in the North Downs, the group rode the Eagles to Carn Dum, the ancient fortress of the Witch-King that Kashaka now inhabited.

Arriving at the fortress, Kashaka killed one of the Eagles with a bolt of lightning, before she taunted the group. As she tried to strike again, Olórin deflected the shot with the gem, Kashaka now realizing that her weakness had been revealed. While she engaged the Maiar, the three Elves went off to fight Kashaka's Orcs and a Cave troll, discovering the previously missing Queen Arwen in chains, guarded by the creature.

The Elves succeeded in rescuing Arwen, but as they returned to the fight against Kashaka, the sorceress had a trick up her sleeve. Clouding the entire scene with a dark cloud, she then put her shadow into Giniriel, slowly killing her, before the sorceress fled. Mageth knew that the only way to save Giniriel was to let the shadow enter him, but as he was about to start, Cendrolom shoved him away, Alatar restraining Mageth as Cendrolom let the shadow enter him, before he was killed and the shadow dispersed. Giniriel survived, but at a tragic cost.


Despite the death of Cendrolom, the battle was a pyhrric victory for the Alliance. The Battle of the North Downs was won by the Alliance also, so not only were Kashaka's armies defeated, but she herself had now lost her power. Kashaka was later discovered roaming the Weather Hills, and after she taunted Mageth, the latter executed her on the spot, bringing an end to the War.

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