Bard Bowman
Bard Bowman
Biographical Information
Other namesBard I
The Bowman
TitleKing of Dale
Date of birthTA 2900
Year ascended to the throneTA 2944
Date of deathTA 2950
WeaponrySword & Bow
Physical Description
CultureNorthrons (Lake-folk & Dale-folk)
Height6 ft
Hair colorDark
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorLight
FamilyHouse of Girion
ChildrenBain, Sigrid, Tilda
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorLuke Evans

Bard Bowman was a quiet, grim warrior who lived in Esgaroth on the Long Lake of the Celduin Valley in northern Rhovanion.


Early lifeEdit

Born in TA 2900, Bard was the heir of Girion, the last lord of Dale. Noted for his grim face and spirit, he was an able archer and inherited his Black Arrow from his ancestors. Considering it a lucky heirloom, he always used it last. Sometime in TA 2925, Bard married a beautiful woman of Lake-town named Heather, and would have a son named Bain (TA 2925) and two daughters named Sigrid (TA 2926) and Tilda (TA 2930). However, after Heather gave birth to Tilda and died from childbirth, Bard never remarried and spent the rest of his life in looking after his children and remembering his wife's name.

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