Bannie Grumm
Bannie Grumm
Biographical Information
Date of birthTA 2905
Date of deathTA 2918
Physical Description
CultureBree-landers (Bree-humans)
Height4 feet
Hair colorBrown
Skin colorLight
FamilyGrumm family
ParentageRubb and Bura
SiblingsMinna, Gleefa, Leddon, and Puil
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorMackenzie Foy

Bannie Grumm was the eldest daughter and first child of Rubb and Bura. She was the sister of Gleefa, Minna, Leddon, and Puil.


Born in TA 2905, Bannie was a member of the Grumm family that lived in the largest town of Bree. She and her siblings were very close to the Butterbur family and considered them as family. After turning twelve, a few days after her mother died from a terrible illness, Bannie went on to work at the Prancing Pony and worked as a skillful waitress. After working for a year, Bannie succumbed to a sickness and died while her father was trying to find an Athelas plant to cure her since he refused to lose her. However, he arrived to late as Bannie passed away.

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