Biographical Information
Date of birthTA 2800
Date of deathTA 2994
Physical Description
CultureDúrin's Folk
Hair colorDark-grayish
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorLight
SpouseUnnamed wife
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorGlenn Boswell

Balfor was a grey-bearded Dwarf from the Iron Hills.



Balfor finding the Arkenstone.

A member of the Longbeards, Balfor grew up in the Iron Hills and was very loyal to Grór, Lord of the Iron Hills. Over the years, Balfor would visit Erebor, which was ruled by Thrór, the King of Dúrin's Folk where he was employed as a miner to search for the kingdom. Balfor lived his life throughout the Third Age, mining for gems in the forges and tunnels of the mountain of the kingdom.

In the year TA 2880, after turning 80, Balfor was mining for some gems and planned on delivering them to Thranduil, the Elven King of the Woodland Realm. Balfor served with good terms with the Elven King, but as he mined very deep, he had discovered the Arkenstone, which would later become the most prized possession to Thrór, the Miner's king. He was present when he was hoping that Thrór would pass the gems to Thranduil as a good faith payment and reward, but was completely shocked that the King under the Mountain refused. Balfor was furious of this and apologized to his elven friend. Since most of the gems were kept by the Dwarves, Balfor gave a small amount to him, which pleased the Elven King.

The next day, Balfor left the Lonely Mountain until he witnessed the Dragon Smaug arrive and took over the Dwarven Kingdom. Balfor returned to the Iron Hills to inform Grór about what happened. Since the front entrance was sealed to prevent anyone from entering, Balfor would later accompany a number of Dwarves of the Iron Hills to assist the Dwarves of Erebor to reclaim the ancient dwarf city of Moria in TA 2890, but it turns out that a legion of Mountain Orcs, led by Azog the Defiler, had gotten their first. As an unskilled fighter, Balfor fought for his life in the Battle of Azanulbizar, but was slightly injured. Later in TA 2905, Balfor was present during the Battle of the Iron Hills when an army of Easterlings that attempted to take over the Iron Hills. He witnessed the death of Grór, who would be avenged by his grandson Dáin.

In TA 2989, Balfor was among those that followed Balin with a colony of Dwarves in an attempt to reclaim their ancient mansions of Khazad-dûm, which were occupied by Moria Orcs, a clan of Mountain Orcs that still lingered there for many years. After slaying most of the Orcs while the rest fled the Eastern gate of Moria, Balfor spent most of his time mining for Mithril, but was slain in a fierce battle of the Second Hall.

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