Balbo Baggins
Balbo Baggins
Biographical Information
TitleMayor of The Shire
Date of birthTA 2800
Date of deathTA 2918
Physical Description
CultureHarfoots (Shire-hobbits)
Hair colorWhite
FamilyBaggins family
SpouseBerylla Baggins
ChildrenMungo, Pansy, Ponto, Largo, Lily
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Balbo Baggins was an elderly Hobbit who was the first recorded Baggins ever known in the Shire.


Born in TA 2800, Balbo was the first and oldest hobbit, and was the Mayor of the Shire. He was married Berylla, a member of the Boffin family, and they had five children: Mungo, Pansy, Ponto, Largo, and Lily Baggins. Balbo lived throughout his life and wrote several stories about himself and that he would one day pass it on to his bloodline of Baggins'. He passed away in the year TA 2918 at the age of 118.

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