"It is a pleasure indeed to help you, master dwarf."
"For your survival, you need to adapt."
"We will meet again, I hope... the mankind need me, and I shall answered!"
—Bakhira while talking to a dwarf lord.
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Bakhira, The Great White Holy Dragon.

Bakhira was the greatest, largest and most powerful Dragon in the Middle Earth, alongside Ral'Kafeel and Thlawg, and the only of the Khiberian Dragon species in Middle Earth. He was first sighted 600 years before the first age in the Arnor teritory.

Bakhira didn't have any family, and he was forbidden by himself to have any child or wife. He could speak in the Common Speech of all races. His rider was the female elf, called Arriana. He helped many races including, men, dwarf, and elf and he didn't ask for any payment in return, because of that, he gained a title: Holy Dragon. His mission was to destroy all evil in Middle Earth and started an eternal peace. Alongside Ral'Kafeel, he could destory three or more battalion of Uruk-Hai, Orc, and even Trolls.



The city where Bakhira was hold prison by Sauron were destroyed by the dragons to rescue Bakhira. The dragons were led by Ral'Kafeel.

Bakhira was known to be savage and deadly before the War of the Ring, but  after seeing so many good folks slained, he decide the good folks of Middle Earth. His greatest enemies were Sauron and t he Dragon Rider from the north, once he fought the Dragon Rider and won, resulting the spreading of his invincibleness.

War of the Ring

Fighting Ral'KafeelEdit

Ral'Kafeel and Bakhira's relationship is being frenemy. They often to fight because Ral'Kafeel affilation to Lortz but they used to become friends in some mission like : Capturing Kash-Nar, or maybe Ral'Kafeel rescuing Bakhira.

Before the siege of helms deep, Bakhira and Ral'Kafeel fight with Lortz becoming Ral'Kafeel rider. In the end , Bakhira is heavly injured and ran away to Rivindel.

Gaining Title "The Holy Dragon"Edit

After spending 1 year helping the men, elf, and drawf and without asking any payment or compliment, Elrond himslef gives the title "Holy Dragon" to Bakhira that turning him into a Great White Dragon that ever lived and the only dragon that have a title "Holy Dragon", this title also turn him into immortal dragon.

Helping Kash-Nar EscapeEdit

Tumblr ma3fqylZnF1qet6pno1 1280

Bakhira destroying the Dwarf's armada on the river close to the Blue Mountains.

After Bakhira and Ral'Kafeel helps the drawf to capture Kash-Nar, Bakhira can't watched one of his kind especially one of his kind that still young being treated like that. He asked Bek Urron to free Kash-Nar and let Bakhira himself take care of him and guard him but that request was rejected, causing Bakhira to get angry and promise Bek Urron that he will not help him if Kash-Nar escape.

Month's later, Bakhira helps Kash Nar to escape but not direclty. He used his own tactics that is making Bek Urron's army draw attention to Bakhira by destroying Bek Urron's ship that carying his gold.

Battle of the Siquinter FieldEdit

Tumblr mjb1ng7Tbl1ro01rho1 500

The Battle of the Siquinter Field

Battle of the Siquinter Field is a battle between the goblin with the help of Kash-Nar and the Gondor with the help of Bakhira. The field is between the city of Anrag, the fallen gondorian city and the stronghold of Ithiliun. This war is won by the Goblin and the soldier of Gondor escape to Minas Tirith and some of them into Edoras and some of them were captured by the Goblins. Bakhira and Kash-Nar are both injured, Bakhira fled to Rivindel while Kash-Nar go back to his lair.

Offensive AbilitiesEdit

Clearly, Bakhira is powerful creature and is a deadly offensive predator. He could choose either to bite his prey or swoop down on them, scattering enemies apart or outright crushing them. If Bakhira snatched a soldier, he could easily fly high into the air and drop their hapless victim to his death far below. Bakhira can move very fast and his fire breath is very deadly, even a Mithril cannot hold.

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