Ithilien burning

The forests of Ithilien ablaze during the attack.

The Attack on Ithilien, also known as the Siege of Ithilien, was an attack on the forests of Ithilien by Kashaka in the hope that Legolas Greenleaf, who was leading an Elvish colony there, in the hopes of either killing him or making him surrender into slavery. 

Alliance Kashaka's forces
Strength: 500 Avari archers/swordsman, 500 Dwarf warriors Strength: 1,500 enthralled Gondorian soldiers and archers
Commanders: Mageth, Legolas, Chellon Commanders: Anonymous general
Casualties: No deaths, about 100 injured Casualites: 500 dead, the rest broke from Kashaka's spell and soon joined the alliance


The Alliance was marching towards Gondor when an Elvish rider came to them, telling them that Ithilien was being attacked and the forest had turned into an inferno. Heeding the call, Mageth rode forward with 500 Avari archers, who were also very skilled with stealth, swordsmanship and free-running. Meanwhile, Chellon led 500 Dwarf warriors behind the enemy forces so that they could trap them in. Mageth met with Legolas, and the two started their defence together against the enthralled Gondorians.


The battle started in the enemy's favour, as dozens of Elves were dead and the burning forest blocked any Elves from getting to them. However, Mageth and the captains of the Avari were able to navigate through the forest by running along the many branches of the trees, before raining arrows down upon the enemy forces. At the same time, the Dwarves arrived from behind and the thralls were soon trapped.

However, the battle did not last much longer. All of a sudden, many of the Gondorians broke from Kashaka's spell, pleading for mercy mid-battle. Mageth was able to stop many of the prisoners being executed by the confused Dwarf warriors, and so hundreds of soldiers ended up joining the Alliance. 


After the battle had ended, two figures arrived on the scene: Elladan and Elrohir. The two brothers (who were friends with Mageth and Chellon) joined the Alliance, but there was also bad news. Despite the fact that the Alliance had saved his colony, Legolas would not march with them, and refused to send soldiers. This led to a heated argument between Legolas and Alatar, one of the Blue Wizards, an argument which Mageth was forced to stop. Before leaving, Mageth reminded Legolas that if the Alliance failed, his colony could not be saved a second time.

The battle itself was a turning point in the war against Kashaka, as it revealed that Kashaka's spell was breaking. Not only that, but it was a remarkable feat for the Alliance, who didn't suffer a single death, although some were injured. The Alliance would later march onto Osgiliath and retake Minas Tirith, effectively ending Kashaka's tyrannical reign over Gondor.

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