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Arca-Daemon was a dragon from Mordor. He hatched during the Second Age, as did many dragons that Sauron bred at that time. He somehow survived the Battle of the Last Alliance and hid in the mountains of Angmar. He did not come out of hiding until the Fourth Age, when he led a war against the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.


Early YearsEdit

Arca-Daemon was bred by Sauron during the Second Age. How he survived the Battle of the Last Alliance is a mystery but what is known is that he fled to Angmar and there plotted the destruction of all those who opposed him. He remained alone throughout the Third Age, even refusing to help his cousin Drogoth wage war against the dwarves. Nor did he aid the Witch King when he made war upon Arnor. He only stirred during the Fourth Age.

War on Middle EarthEdit

In the Fourth Age, two-hundred years after the death of Sauron, Arca-Daemon led what was left of the orcs against the rest of Middle Earth. This began with the Moria Campaign, which left the dwarven kingdom shattered and ruled by orcs once again. Next, Arca-Daemon led his orcs against the elves in Lorien and Rivendell. With their greatest leaders gone, the elves crumbled easily and fresh orcs were added to Arca-Daemon's ranks. Finally, he invaded the Gondorian Empire. At the time, it was engaged in a war with Harad. Arca-Daemon crushed Rohan before moving into Gondor. Rhun fell to a small force that Arca-Daemon had sent under Captain Kurr, and Mordor was taken by the goblins. Harad fell to a dragon force led by Drogoth. Gondor now stood alone. Arca-Daemon led the assault on Minas Tirith personally, burning the city to the ground.


The final battle of Arca-Daemon's war was at Minas Ithil. Arca-Daemon led his orc forces here to obliterate the race of men once and for all. He would then turn his gaze to the Shire, where the last of the Free Peoples had gathered. Alas, this did not happen. A final stand was made at Minas Ithil. Arca-Daemon and his vast army assaulted the city. The city slowly fell. During the assault on the keep, Arca-Daemon was shot by an elf named Ithil. Arca-Daemon's life and war ended there.

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