The Prince of TheivesEdit

Aradis was bought up by his father, the 'king of bandits' on a remote island near the coast of Middle-Earth in his network of caves.

Wealth SeekingEdit

Alradis employed his son to travel around the world stealing treasure for him. Aradis enjoyed being piratical.

The Theft of Círdan's RingEdit

Alradis heard that the Elves of Rivendell had discoved a remedy for elongated life/youth, so he took a chance and sent Aradis to pose as a party-comer to steal this potion. Aradis could not find it but instead found Círdan the Shipwright's Ring of Power and stole this. His father scoulded him but then they got lucky. Círdan intented to gift this potion to someone who could find his Ring. Alradis did not know that Círdan would reward nor did he know the value of this ring but still kept it close to him. Alradis intended use to Ring to help him find the One Ring which was at this point in Gollum's possesion, Aradis intented to get the elongated youth. This clash in desires would cost them both. Círdan sent out his 8 most trusted allies. Aradis, was chosen luckily for him. Aradis dueled Lord Elrond's Son and left him with a great injury. He later defeated Madrig (another Seeker of Círdan's Ring) and murdered another Seeker, who conveniently was the son of one of Alradis' enemies. Aradis later helped his father fend off a group of intruders.

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