Biographical Information
Other namesElamshinaen
TitleCommander of Ilythiir
AffiliationIlythiir, House Noqu'ath
LanguageDrow, Westron/Common
Physical Description
Height190 cm
Hair colorSilver-white
Eye colorRed
Skin colorDark gray
ParentageUnnamed mother, unnamed father
SiblingsWodaonar (older brother), Briza of House Noqu'ath (sister-in-law)
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Antaonar (litt. Deadly Shield) is the drow Commander of House Noqu'ath's armies, serving directly beneath the youngest daughter, Ardulae, as well as the brother of her eldest sister's husband. Before serving as a guardsman, and later the Commander, to House Noqu'ath, Antaonar was a mercenary travelling all throughout both Eregion and Esgaroth. He is commonly known within the city of Ilythiir as Elamshinaen (litt. Favored) due to his close relationship with House Noqu'ath's youngest heiress, Ardulae.

Appearance Edit

Renowned all over the city of Ilythiir for the rather impressive scowl that he wears whenever he is in public, Antaonar has the appearance of a rather fierce warrior. His body is built as lean and agile as the rest of the drow race with numerous scars covering him from head to toe, a remnant of his time as a ruthless mercenary in both Eregion and Esgaroth. Antaonar has, as most drow, dark crimson eyes set deeply beneath thick eyebrows with a scar going down across his left eyelid. Antaonar's hair is a bright silver and is usually tied back while in the city of Ilythiir, and only let free when either out of Ilythiir or during battle. He normally clothes himself in dark leathers and chain mail, heavily enchanted to silence any sounds the metal might make, as well as carrying an impressive longsword named "Riz'aun" (litt. Ash Dancer) at his hip.

Personality Edit

Antaonar is a cynical and cold man who never smiles. He has a fierce and unpredictable temper, unlike many of his kinsmen, and has trouble holding it in or concealing his anger or rage whenever it ignites. The only things in his life that he truly cares about are his older brother, Wodaonar, and his Lady Ardulae, with the latter holding his absolute devotion and trust. Antaonar's trust is hard to earn, and those who he deems worthy of such are held to extremely high expectations. Not even his own brother has Antaonar's trust anymore, something due to the fact that he married into one of the most influential drow Houses in Eriador.

History Edit

To be revealed...

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