Biographical Information
AffiliationGrey Company
LanguageSindarin, Westron
Date of birthTA 2900
Date of deathFO 103
Physical Description
CultureArnorians (Dúnedain of Arnor)
Hair colorBlonde
Skin colorFair
ChildrenTwo unnamed sons and One unnamed daughter
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorBrad Pitt

Anlipige was a Human Ranger of the North and served as the second-in-command in the Grey Company, along with Dalason.


Born in the year TA 2900 of the Third Age, Anlipige was known to have Númenórean blood and learned that his ancestor was one of the few who survived the fall of their island kingdom (Númenor). Living three times longer than normal Humans, Anlipige was a lonely man and a skillful swordsman. He became a Ranger of the North, and had been involved in a number of conflicts when Orcs had been invading in several Arnorian territories. Anlipige was among those that participated in the defense of Annúminas when Orcs were sent secretly by Sauron to wipe out all the Dúnedain of Arnor, and prevent the Heir of Isildur from claiming the throne of Gondor. Anlipige was aware of what the enemy was planning while he fought to defend the people he cared for and slew dozens of Orcs. He knew that Isildur's heir was here in Arnor, but he didn't who it was.

At the age of 100 in TA 3000, Anlipige joined Grey Company when he met Dalason during a hunting expedition in the Misty Mountains. When he and Dalason spotted a deer wondering in the forest, they both shot it at the same time and both arrows struck the deer's neck and fell dead. Other members of the company were completely shocked and surprised since Dalason had the best eye-sight among them. Later on, Anlipige arrived to the village of Lam Nheong and he was one of those that participated in the battle. While fighting to ensure the safety of the villagers, Anlipige was surrounded by a group of Mordor Uruks and was badly injured after the battle was over. That was when he met a woman named Maia, who was also a Ranger. She carried him back to the village to be tended, and Anlipige started to grow close to her. Eventually, Anlipige and Maia both fell in love, and the two were eventually married and stayed with the other Grey Company members.

During the Battle of Pelennor Fields, he tamed an Oliphaunt and rode on it after he slew all the Haradrim warriors by himself. He saved many lives by controlling the beast and used it to kill many Orcs. He managed to survive the battle and reunited with his wife. Together, the two followed Aragorn towards the Black Gate and participated in the Battle of Morannon. After the Hobbit Frodo Baggins managed to destroy the One Ring, Anlipige had killed two Olog-hai himself. After the coronation, Anlipige returned to Fornost Erain with his wife, and became the first King of this Kingdom.


  • Anlipig means "Single" in Old English, signifying the lonely personality of Anlipige.

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