Lords of Angmar's great warriors long ago had ran to be the king of Angmar.As the witch-King goses to mordor to rebuild the failing empire of mordor.

The Battle for Center AngmarEdit

Center Angmar where the 1st battle take's place.West Angmar's solders where The black numenoreans and East Angmar where Trolls.the battle last 5 days.East Angmar Seem as they had the battle.But in the west The Witch-King wacth the battle and sended orcs of Mordor to attack East angmar.The Orc Archers Sended there black Arows Flying with Fire arows on the Troll armys. The 1st won battle for west Angmar's great Empire......

The Trolls of MordorEdit

During the war, the witch-king sended help for both sides.But 1 day the witch king came to East Angmar to retake his iron Crown.He Sended the Trolls of Mordor to attack the Hill Trolls of East Angmar.When both kings heard about this they had a FULL WAR OF ANGMAR!!!

The Fall of East AngmarEdit

The War has reached it's time in the Year TA-0001 the witch-king macrthed to the King of West Angmar he give 1 of the rings of the Nuzgul to the lord.Without qustion he did then the Witch-King Said "Sauron is now the Biggist Dark lord in histroy now we rain Fire on The main city of East Angmar!"

East Angmar Bruned to the ground by 1000000's of warriors of Mordor........

The Fall of West AngmarEdit

Morgomir rain lasted 2 long years.But the Armys of the west Seiged Angmar to retake Arnor.Morgomir Went to mordor.Sauron Called then the 9, the ringwraths, And the Nazgul...West Angmar was under the hands of the Gondorians.The Witch-King had a new name when he went back up to angmar....The Lord of the Nazgul.........

Empires of Angmar
West Angmar East Angmar Brith: SA - ? Birth: SA - ?
Death: TA- 0003 Death: TA- 001
Income:Won Income: Lost
King: Morgomir King: Rogash

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