Background information
Type Fortress-Stronghold
Realms Iron Mountains (Ered Engrin)
Founded/Built Morgoth
Ruler Morgoth
Other Information
Summary Underground fortress/prison of Morgoth
Other names Melkor's Stronghold, Dark Castle, Fortress of Doom
Spoken languages
Lifespan Built and destroyed in the First Age

Angband was the ancient fortress of Morgoth, built in the Iron Mountains before the First Age, and from which he tried to subjugate Arda. Angband was destroyed in the War of Wrath.


Melkor built Angband to guard against a possible attack from Aman by the Valar, and put Sauron in command of it. Nonetheless, the Valar's attack succeeded in capturing Melkor and destroying his other stronghold Utumno. After three ages of imprisonment, Morgoth returned to Middle-earth and set himself up in Angband, raising the volcanic Thangorodrim over the Fortress as protection. He reigned there until the end of the First Age, when it was destroyed in the War of Wrath.

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