Amandalf was a wizard.


Amandalf the great, was a lord of magic even though he himself was not a wizard or sorcerer but was part man, part elf, part Ainu and was said to have a tiny amount of dwarf blood. He was said to have been related to Manwe of the Valar in some distant way. He was an elf that awoke in Valinor with the great smith and the rest of the secret race of the Amandir Elves. he sailed after Feanor and the Noldor to try and carme them but by the time he got there Feanor was already dead. Amandalf then placed the curse of the dark warrior upon himself making him into a wraith like person who lead an Elven army against some of Morgoth's fortresses in the south and west destroying them. after 100 years of being the dark warrior he lifted the curse off himself. From there he traveled through the misty mountains with his friend the great smith otherwise known as Gresmit. By know a ranger had placed the curse of the dark warrior upon himself and was traking a easterling king.

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