A Humbling for Rohan
Orcs march to Minas Ithil

A view of the now depleted Uruk army.

Éomer his band of Rohirrim with Gandalf arrive at Helms Deep and fins a scene of utter devastation and murder.While Théodens forces fought with gallantry and great courage, they were no match for Saruman's Uruk army.

They see still a large force of Uruks and charge hastely for they knew not whether they allies ave fallen in battle. Thundering down the Great hill the Rohirrim charge with Gandalf leading.

The Rohirrim crashed against the Uruk pike defenses with a ghastly crunch of flesh and steal. This large conflict now turned to countless close-quarter skirmishes although the Uruk army was depleted after the siege they were not routed, but the combined leadership of Gandalf the White and Éomer Third marshall of the Riddermark was too much for the army of armoured beasts of death, and thus the Rohirrim were victorius but alas they were too late the siege had killed all who defended Helms Deep.

Gandalf followed by Éomer search through the sea of death and Éomer saw a sight that chilled him to the very core of his being. Théoden king of Rohan lay dead, Aragorn was battle worn but alive miraculously as Gimli son of Glóin lay cold as stone as was Legoolas of the woodland realm.

When they all charged the Urik-Hai at the causeway Uruks claimed most of them all apart from Aragorn but not before all the Uruk-Hai at the causeway were destroyed.Théoden was knocked off his horse and was killed. To Be Continued.

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