Alkhur BarreadonEdit

Alkhur Barreadon was an easterling living during the Third Age, famous for his actions on the North-East Front of the War Of the Ring.

Former sellsword, he was inducted to the cult of the Dragon Knights, an elite easterling kataphractii formation. After this event, he became fanatically loyal to Sauron and Amdur, leader off his order, despite having kept his greediness from his adventures as mercenary. 

He lead the vanguard of the Easterlings armies against the dwarf kingdom of Erebor, after raiding the outskirts of Mirkwood forest.

Wargear and usual attire: Edit

Clad into an iron armour, he used to be one of the rare human to be able to wield the common easterling five-foot halberd with ease during horse riding. He would also posess two scimitars, wich he would use against agile foes.

Notable Campaigns and battles: Edit

-Stormed the dwarf fortress of Bagaran-Khol, at the easterbmost point of the iron hills.

-Ambushed a dwarven support army of 4000 dwarfs and Dalesmen who had come to support the fortress of Bagaran-Kol.

-Lead 40 000 easterlings and orcs, serving as the vanguard of the Saurons armies to destroy the dwarf kingdom of Erebor.

-Burned to the ground eleven elven outpost of the Mirkwood forest.

- Captured the gondor fortress of Naglarath.


Notable killed ennemies: Edit

- Borin the proud, lord of Bagaran-Khol, and brother of Morlong the unbowed.

- Morlong the unbowed, captain of the Khazad guard, and brother of Borin the proud.

- Estamir, captain of the gondor fortress of Naglarath.

Number of ennemies killed in one-on-one duels: Edit

- A dozen of dwarf captains, three dwarven lords, one king.

- Thirty mirkwood elves, two captains.

- About a hundred of Gondor and Rohan soldiers.

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