Alcarinque atop the Orocarni.

Alcarinque, also known as Alca, was a Great Eagle chick who became a companion of Mageth Vorncollo when he found the creature near the point or starvation in the Lone-lands. At first, Mageth incorrectly identified it as a large hawk, and was proven wrong when Thorondor , the King of all Eagles told Mageth that Alca was in fact his only hatchling, and one of very few female Eagles left.

Being found by MagethEdit

Mageth was on his way to Imladris to find information about Kashaka, an Easterling that the Bree town guard had captured when he found a bird on the Great East Road, breathing heavily and looking starved. Out of his love for creatures (especially birds) Mageth fed the creature some grains and decided to take it as a pet, calling it Alcarinque, meaning 'Glorious' in Quenya. He shortened the name to Alca and set off once more with the creature clung to the saddle on his horse.

Alca accompanied Mageth back to Bree and southwards, even killing a brigand at Tharbad by clawing at it's eyes. However, when Mageth's company was ambushed by Dunlendings near Enedwaith, Alca flew away in terror and didn't return. Mageth knew that there was no way of finding her, and so pressed on in sadness.

However, when Mageth joined the Alliance at Orocarni, Alca returned to him once more, now much larger and travelling alongside the King of Eagles, Thorondor, who revealed that he was Alca's father. Alca travelled with the Alliance southwards, participating in some of the battles herself. She was also used as a scout, as her small size compared to the Great Eagles meant she was harder to spot.

By the time the Alliance had liberated Gondor and were marching to Rohan, Alca was only slightly smaller than Gwaihir, though whether she would grow to the size of Thorondor is unlikely.

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