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Adril as "Crimson Rain" the wizard/alchemist in the 5th age.


Adril, using the Ring of Gravity to turn Mirkwood into a chain of flying islands.

Wood elf wizard

Adrilden in the 3rd age, gifted with the power of the Valar

Second Age Edit

Adrilden, nicknamed Adril is a elf lord who was born in the Second Age He fought in the Battle of Dagorlad as one of the commanders of the Elven army at the time. After the Battle of Dagorlad, The Valar came to congratulate the commanders of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men by granting them 3 wishes. Adril wished for the Gift of Men , one Ring of Power , and the power of a Valar.

Personality Edit

Adril is a wise but infuriating character. He has no emotions like love or hate, so he is more of a neutral person.

Third Age Edit

In the Third Age most of his time was spent learning magic from the Istari. His main source of learning was from Olórin , all the other magic that he has is self-made or a natural ability that he has from his Valar abilities.

Fourth Age Edit

Adril, now accused of being a traitor for having the Gift of Men went rouge and attempted to make an act of revenge. By sending the elven kingdom of Mirkwood (His homeland) into the sky as a chain of flying islands.

Fifth Age Edit

Not much is known about Adril in the fifth age other than that he was a powerful, deadly, and smart alchemist.(what wizards were called at the time) Under the name of Crimson Rain(Wizards were given different code names at that age)

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