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Known for the most unpleasant screech, one of the Nine, the third Nazgul beside The Witch King and Khamul and Lord of now corrupted Harad he led of the siege of Pelargir and stopped when the corsairs of Umbar have been boarded. When the Witch king died Khamul took his place and Morsir became his right hand.

Place in the Nine Edit

He is beside Khamul whom is beside the Witch King, the third he is called by many. Sauron chose Khamul over him, Since the Nine were formed, Morsir looked for a chance to steal Khamul's place and be the second.

The Second Age Edit


2nd to the left

He was a cruel, harsh, and destructive lord of Harad, many wished death upon him, and some nearly assassinated him. He had a high desire for power, until the Lord of the Gifts Annatar (Sauron in disguise) gave him and eight other kings a ring of power. One by one, they fell into shadow and into Sauron's service. The Nne were yet to reveal themselves, as they were gaining power. Unlike other Nazgul, Morsir speaks only the Black Speech

The Third Age Edit

He was with the Witch King of Angmar in their hunt for the hobbit. He questioned Ted Sandyman, and Old Noakes and got nothing out of them. Like the other Nazgul, he was harmed by the river.

Morsir was sent to Isengard upon his Fell Beast to check on the progress. The results were satisfactory, but nothing compared to what Sauron could have done.

The siege of Minas Tirith Edit

He came in defending the Grond, he savaged the lower levels. When Rohan came to aid, knowing that they were in danger he fled to help the Corsairs on their surprise attack. But the dead came to the aid of Gondor, and there was nothing he could do. He returned to Mordor and repented to Sauron, but Sauron still favored Khamul and alowed Khamul to take the lord of Angmar's place.

The Black Gate Edit

He came on his fell steed and fought with fury, until the eagles struck, his fellbeast fell and he fought Aragorn. He was injured when Pippen stabbed him with his Westernesse dagger. Thus wounded, and crippled by many soldiers, he died and brought the ruin of Morsir at last.

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