Aaramoarne Elessar III was the son of Aragorn and Arwen, and was born in the early fourth age.

Aaramoarne was born to Arwen, but was full elf even though Aragorn is human. He was an excitable child, and loved to climb.

Uruk Hai take over

Aaramoarne lived in Minas Tirith with Aragorn aged 7, but in the evening on one night, an army of Uruk Hai took over Minas Tirith, seperating Aaramoarne from Arwen. Lortz killed Arwen later on, leaving Aaramoarne with no mother.

Aged 11

At 11, Aaramoarne was mentored by Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf to be an archer(mainly Legolas). He went with Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to sneak behind enemy lines and see what they were up to. A warg attack resulted in Aaramoarne killing his first enemies. The Warg ambush was short lived.

Aged 13

At 13, Aaramoarne was a professional at Archery. He led the second Elven Archery Regiment to victory in the battle of Castle Manor led by Lortz's leiutenants. After the battle, Aaramoarne became good friends with Sam, Pippin, Frodo, and Merry (Frodo coming back).

Aged 15 and evil turn

At 15, Aaramoarne was in charge of the full Elven Archery Regiment. At the second battle for Helms Deep, Lortz and his immortal army came to destroy. Fire drakes burned and killed. Aragorn was murdered in a fight with Lortz. Aaramoarne fought with a fire drake, only to be burned and crippled. As he slowly died, Lortz came and gave Aaramoarne a life potion, turning Aaramoarne into a an evil emperor. He killed Gandalf alongside Lortz and the battle was won.

Evil Emperor Cranthor

Aaramoarne became Cranthor, an evil emperor alongside Lortz. He was ruthless in his ways and lived for many years with Lortz, making and destroying kingdoms, taking over lands.


After many years, Gandalf returned unexpectedly as Gandalf The Gold. He attacked Cranthor and the two engaged in a brutal fight. Lortz turned up and helped Cranthor when he suddenly attacked Cranthor. Lortz hit Cranthor and nearly killed Gandalf when Cranthor intercepted and was stabbed. Cranthor did the same and stuck his blade into Lortz's face. The two fell to the ground. Gandalf went up to Cranthors body and Cranthors elven body showed again. He apologised and died.

Aaramoarnes body was burned as a sign of peace,and 100,000 elves went to his ceremony.

Born: FA

Death: EA

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