Aaramoarne Elessar III was the son of Eldarion and the grandson of Aragorn and Arwen, and was born in the early Fourth Age.


Aaramoarne was born to Eldarion in the reign of his grandfather King Elessar. His look so favored Aragorn's that he was called the Ellesar come again. He was an excitable child, and loved to climb.

Uruk-Hai InvasionEdit

Aaramoarne lived in Minas Tirith until he was 7 years old, after the crowning of his father Eldarion. But in the evening on one night while visiting the family of Stewarts in Osgiliath, an army of Uruk-Hai invaded the city, separating Aaramoarne from his mother the Queen. Lortz killed the Queen in the attack, leaving Aaramoarne with no mother.

At age eleven, Aaramoarne was sent to the Greenwood, the last Elven Kingdom East of Valinor, and was mentored by Legolas and his old husband Gimli. He went with Legolas and Gimli to sneak behind enemy lines and see what they were up to. A warg attack resulted in Aaramoarne killing his first enemies. The Warg ambush was short lived.

At age thirteen, Aaramoarne was a master at archery. He led the last Elven Archery Regiment to victory in the battle of Castle Manor against Lortz's leiutenants. He shot Lortz through the throat with a black arrow, thus avenging his mother's murder.

Turn to EvilEdit

At fifteen Aaramoarne was in charge of the Fifth Gondorian Archery Regiment when the Dunlandings attacked Meduseld in Rohan. Their sorcerers summoned a cold drake, which froze the great house of the Kings of Rohan, the royal family only just escaping with their lives. Aaramoarne fought with a cold drake, only to be half burned and crippled. As he slowly died, a Dunlanding sorceress came and gave Aaramoarne a life potion, which restored his strength to even greater measure than before, but also corrupting his fëa and turning Aaramoarne to evil. Such that it was that he was able to defeat the cold drake, at the cost of his soul.

Aaramoarne became Cranthor, an evil emperor alongside the sorceress, whom he took as his bride. He was ruthless in his ways and lived for many years with his evil Queen, making and destroying kingdoms, taking over lands.


Cranthor reigned for nearly a decade from his stronghold in Meduseld when the Rohirrim and Gondorians came to take the city of Edoras back for the King of the Rohirrim. In this final battle Cranthor and his Queen were killed at the hands of the Queen of Gondor, his sister, and her grief at his passing was without end.