Chapter 2: Changing Concerns

"Greetings to all of you Bard, Balin, and Eagle-King. But why have you come here? What's the problem?" Gandalf said kindly.

"Gandalf, there is trouble. We have all been discussing and have noticing certain changes. They aren't good," Balin stated.

"The dwarf kingdom of Moria is going good, but we have been noticing a dark presence just to the North near the mountains," Balin explained.

"KAAAAAAAAAA Keraa!" The Eagle-King commented. Most of the group were confused by the Eagle-King's comment.

"The Eagle-King said that the Eagles have noticed the presence as well while scouting for food, and checking migration patterns. The air is warm, but not clean. Pressures have gone high in the air, and they also feel a dark presence that is unnatural," Gandalf explained. The Eagle-King nodded after Gandalf explained the eagle's words.

"That's not all. I was helping the dwarves get the black arrow out of Smaug ' s body and we discovered why the black arrows had a hard time penetrating him. Take a look," Bard said as he held a piece of the dragon's scales. Gandalf and Elrond felt the scales, but felt something hard under the scales. Upon further observation, they felt and saw a layer of bone-like scales under the regular scales. The two then looked at Bard as they gave the piece of scales back.

"It appears Smaug had a layer of bone scales under his regular scales. The bone scales would have acted like armor underneath, preventing any arrows from perching his body. It surprised everyone," Bard explained.

"Then we should all be careful and inform each other if more trouble like this occurs. I fear Sauron may be trying to returning. We must not let that happen!" Elrond responded.

"We will be careful Elrond. That is all," Balin said before he and Bard git on the Eagle-King and flew away. Once they were gone, Gandalf and Elrond turned away and walked back towards the library.

"I hate to agree with you Elrond, but I do believe that Sauron is trying to come back. If that is the case, then I am afraid Bilbo Baggins is in danger. Sauron may only be causing trouble away from Bilbo, but that does not mean his is safe!" Gandalf stated.

"Then what will you do with the Hobbit, Gandalf? We can't just banish or force Bilbo to stay here. If Sauron knew of his location, we would all be in great danger. What will you do?" Elrond asked.

"I have a good friend who will be able to help provide Bilbo with protection. I shall visit him tomorrow and explain the situation," Gandalf reassured Elrond. The elf nodded and then they both turned the lights out and went to sleep. They had no idea what was about to happen to Bilbo.

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