Arandir Ballach and the 250th Company

The 250th Company (also referred to as the 250th Infantry or simply 250th) was a unit of ninety Ñoldorin Elf infantry and ten archers in the Host of Fingolfin and later part of the garrison force at the Pass of Sirion during the Siege of Angband and the Battle of Sudden Flame.

The 250th Company is the main group in the fan-fiction novel: Veteran


When the Ñoldor came to Middle-Earth in search of the Silmaril which were stolen by Morgoth, they went through rapid militarization in order to fit for the Siege of Angband. Most of the elves were divided into Companies, groups of about a hundred warriors. As its name suggests, the 250th was the two hundred fiftieth company to be created.

The first Captain of the 250th Company was Lilor Vilimun. He was however slain in action and the command was given to Arandir Ballach.

The 250th Company routed and fled during the Dagor Bragollach, Battle of Sudden Flame]] with only fifteen infantry, and six archers remaining.

The events after the rout of the 250th Company are documented in the fan-ficiton Veteran.

The remaining twenty warriors of the 250th were later hunted by the Zou Ushatar, led by The Iron Orc.

Traits and SymbolsEdit

The 250th was known in the Host of Fingolfin as very professional and fast. In combat, they would hold their ground unmovingly and charge with extreme ferocity. The 250th was soon considered a veteran company, and by the Battle of Sudden Flame, they had received twelve bravery awards.

Notable MembersEdit

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