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Črnágl was working for Saruman - He was king of all Snaglins in Isengard. This is presumably one of the many thousands of indistinguishable Orcs who appear in the film, but gains notoriety by being the liaison between Saruman, and the other Orcs of Isengard. Part of the chain of command, Črnágl has access to Saruman's inner sanctum in the Tower of Orthanc. As Saruman receives orders from Sauron (through the Palantír), these are transmitted to the Orc-henchman, who then ensures their execution in the caverns of Isengard. His assistants were Radlúk (captain of the lumberjacks) and Dugrúl (captain of the smiths). Seen in the movie Fellowship of the Ring:

-What orders from Mordor, my lord? What does the eye command? (to Saruman)

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