Éothain Brenner
Éothain Brenner
Biographical Information
AffiliationRohirrim Army
Date of birthTA 2987
WeaponryRohirrim Sword
Physical Description
Height5 ft
Hair colorLight brown
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorLight
FamilyBrenner family
ParentageMorwen & Unnamed father
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorSam Comery

Éothain Brenner was a young Rohirrim who lived with his family during the War of the Ring. He was also a young trainee who trained himself to be a soldier in the military.


During the war, Éothain and his sister are sent on a horse by their mother Morwen to alert Théoden that the Wild Men are gallivanting through Rohan, burning villages. They arrive shortly after Théodred's funeral, and Éothain was seen fainting, falling from the horse. The siblings are kept in Edoras until they arrive Helm's Deep shortly after the Warg attack and are reunited with their mother.

When an army of Uruk-hai were marching towards Helm's Deep, Éothain and his sister and his mother volunteered in defending the fortress. Before the battle, Éothain became a good friend to Haleth, son of Háma. As the Uruk-hai were charging towards the fortress, Éothain proved to be a terrible archer like many other Rohan Trainees that were defending the keep. When the Uruk-hai were moving in, Éothain gets badly injured in the battle. The Rohan Trainees were the last to retreat and ran safely to the Glittering Caves to warn all the villagers while Éothain's sister and mother died valiantly with a number of defenders. The Battle of the Hornburg ended when reinforcements arrived in time and took down all the Uruk-hai.

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